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All orders are custom made there are no returns or exchanges. However, if you do receive an order that is defective we will be happy to replace and/or fix it. Please email us at


Email Subject MUST say

Defective Item(s)  

Body of email MUST include 

  Your Name

 Phone Number

  Order Number

    Date of Order 

     Photo of defect  

   Explanation of defect


Please give 24-72 Hours for a response. Email must be on the date you received the item. The shipping confirmation and delivery must be included with time stamped pictures. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do readings over the phone?

Email or Zoom Sessions are preferred. Telephone readings have to be requested for special circumstances. Elderly or Handicapped Individuals only. Other exceptions are those who do not have internet or technology access. Please submit an inquiry form for more info. 

What can I expect my reading to be like?

Spirit is given full authority in all sessions. Come with an open mind and be sure you are in a comfortable space. Have an open heart and no secrets. Expect clarity and understanding. I will give all information I receive from your spiritual team. 

How long does each reading session take?

All session timeframes are listed at the time of booking. Please be sure to read all descriptions of purchase items. 

What if I do not like my reading?

Please email to discuss further options. Refunds are not allowed but I will do a clarity reading. Please understand some readings are not easy to digest, but all intentions are pure and coming directly from your spiritual team. I tell you what they want you to know. 

Are refunds allowed for readings? 

Refunds are not allowed under any circumstances. Donations are non-refundable as well. 

Are refunds allowed for products? 

No refunds are not allowed for products. Exchanges are allowed for damaged items only please see policies tab for further information. 

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